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Find and book IT training courses at the right time, location, and price with Coursedot. Here, we share news, insights, and how-to advice on training your team. Coursedot aims to make IT education more accessible and remove the hassle of booking a training.

At least that is the short description. But who are we? We are a team of people with a passion for technology, learning, training and developing not only ourselves, but others too. It probably sounds like your typical cliché, but it is simply the truth.

Some of our team

Teodor Panayotov was one of the youngest Cisco Instructors in Europe at age 20; youngest CCIE in Europe for a while; managed the training business of the first Cisco Training Partner in Bulgaria; did Business Development for Fast Lane in Central Eastern Europe and the Middle East (2010-end of 2013); one of 5 Bulgarians to attend Singularity University, the only Exponential Organizations expert in Bulgaria; has been training Cisco partners in 30 countries on sales and positioning since 2011; one of very few Cisco Business Transformation Instructors; regular speaker at tech and startup conferences.

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Georgi Ganchev is experienced in PHP and eCommerce development, Magento, Perl, Python, Ruby, Bash scripting, system administration, MySQL administration and so on. Past employers include: the biggest (at that time) alternative telecom in Bulgaria (Orbitel), the first Bulgarian eCommerce platform (Summer Cart),Triboo Digitale – customers included Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ducati, Benetton Group, Al Italia, and many more; specialized in third-party system integrations (eBay, PayPal, Criteo, Google Merchant, etc.), performance optimization, multistore frontend and backend module creation.

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Rita Mihaylova has spent the last three years being the go-to person about Operations in IT-Instructor. She is now the Operations Manager at Coursedot and is in charge of all delivery scheduling and execution. Rita also supervises the communication with trainers and providers making sure everything goes smoothly for everyone involved.

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Dimitar Chakarov has over 10 years in web development, 4 of which spent developing and leading e-learning projects with on-ed.com being the most notable of them. He also has 4 years in mobile and 2 years managing developers which makes him invaluable to the team.

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Stanimira Pedeva loves the dynamic life of startups and has worked for a few of them. Last year she joined Coursedot and IT Instructor as an Operations Coordinator. She ensures project tasks are delivered on time and helps for the smooth delivery and communications between customers and the management. She also builds and maintains strong customer relationships.

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Martin Deshev has been a technology journalist for the past 10 years and that is pretty much all he’s done in his professional life from day one. He has worked for several publications including some of the biggest Bulgarian media like the financial newspaper Capital and the news website Dnevnik.bg. He has several blogs, too, to “keep it fun”.

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Simeon Simeonov commenced his career as an IT sales professional in 2004 and has since then worked as a sales executive, team leader, assistant sales manager and sales manager in three different companies: Caretower, IT-University and Coursedot. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2010 and is now studying for an MSc in Information Systems and Management with the University of Manchester.

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